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Welcome to the Vagina_Art community!

Vagina_Art is a place where you can post or talk about vagina art or woman centered art or projects. This includes writing, painting, crafts...aything artistic dealing with vaginas or women.

To contact the maintainer, email willendorf at newsome.5@wright.edu or teresa@ willendorfstudios.com DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE MAINTAINER!

Some rules for the community:

This community is a safe space. Any mean or descriminatory posts will be deleted and the user banned.

This community welcomes men as well as women and transgendered persons. All are welcome.

Please place large pictures or long posts behind a cut.

Community promotion can only be done with permission of the maintainer.

If you want a critique of your work, ask! If you just want to share, say so.

While many of the works and discussions may be political, this is not a political forum. It is an art forum. If your post does not relate to art, it will be deleted.

This community is for art that celebrates women. Keep that in mind.

Make note if a post is not work-safe.

Addendum to the rules:

If you post art that belongs to someone else, you must cite where you got it from and who it is by. We don't want to come off as theives! Respect copyrights.

Also, please make all introductory posts here.. This will keep them all conveniently in one place, and save overloading friend's pages.

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