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Vagina Art

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Suggestions on quilting motifs, please! Mar. 15th, 2011 @ 07:22 pm
I proudly present the Crazy Women quilt top. This means that I'm halfway through the process of making the quilt. I've pieced the top, and once I add wadding and backing, I need to quilt it, i.e. to secure it by stitching designs through all three layers. That is the part I'd love advice on. I've cross-posted this from a quilting community, so it gets a bit technical in some places, but don't worry if you don't understand bits, they're just there in case there are any quilters reading. The important bit I'm asking about is the quilting motifs, which will look like a broken line of thread (running stitch) in a fairly thick thread that should show up well.

Crazy Women quilt top

The colours are a bit more vivid than that, reds are a bugger to photograph. There are four sashing fabrics used: a flowery orange, a patterned deep pink, a saltwash red and a saltwash orangey-red which is largely very similar to the red fabric. The last two were used as the borders as well. The blocks range from 6" to 11.5", and there's a 12" block in three pink fabrics which look very similar to one another which I plan to turn into a matching cushion. The sashing ranges from 1.5" to 3.25", and the borders are 4". There are four little mini-block pieces added to fill out gaps in the sashing, which are all single pieces of batik and about 3-4".

The backing will be plain red. I am planning to do a scrappy binding using various pinks, oranges and purples, probably 1/2" wide so you really see it.

For quilting, it won't be too dense as I'm still doing this by hand and some of those blocks are pretty hard to get a needle through, my own included. I am now very grateful that most people scorned tradition and didn't use a foundation! I am planning to tryin big stitch quilting (hand quilting) using perle #8, which I have in dark red, bright red, hot pink, light pink, purple, marigold orange/yellow, and cream.

Any thoughts on the quilting motifs? The Yoni Challenge is quite inspirational in this area. Right now I'm thinking of doing a single small motif in the centre of each block, and then more motifs in the sashing and borders. Blocks which need more attention: the top right one, which is monochrome, and the second from the left on the second row up, which doesn't have much value contrast.

This quilt is the result of an international block swap, so I only made one of the blocks and then put them all together. It will be going to Forward UK, an African Diaspora women led UK-registered campaign and support charity dedicated to advancing and safeguarding the sexual and reproductive health and rights of African girls and women (warning: if you click on the "FGM and key issues" link it gets fairly explicit). Presumably they will raffle it off or similar to raise money. I've just e-mailed them to double check that they don't want me to tone it down, but considering what they work with, I doubt they'll be bothered. That said, I just did a version of this post on a certain nameless quilting board, and it got several warm responses before the mod deleted it without warning, as apparently it's deeply obscene!

Nov. 21st, 2010 @ 01:03 pm


My first ever zine, a comic booklet of 14 pages, black and white and printed on pink paper, on how-tos and tips for how to remove pubic hair and avoid ingrown hairs and itchy rashes.

If this listing says "Sold-Out" check my account for another listing, wait untill I relist it, or just message me. :)

"Awful!" - "The Ukrainian Potential" Sep. 14th, 2010 @ 09:12 pm

"Awful!" - that was the first reaction of the people who visited the presentation when they saw "The Ukrainian Potential"

The sculptor stressed that he was inspired to create this work by his recent travelling around Ukraine. "I was shocked of what I saw: ruins, poverty, a total decay. However on TV the politicians tell us that everything is fine and will be even better. But Ukraine is different. Now you will see the way it looks."


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Official website of the sculptor http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/engver/index_en.html

Луганский скульптор Н. Шматько поверг в ужас "Украинским потенциалом"и 7-метровым... (фото) Sep. 10th, 2010 @ 11:22 pm
В форме инсталляции провел презентацию своей новой работы "Украинский потенциал" луганский скульптор Николай Шматько. Об этом сообщает корреспондент "ОстроВ".

По словам скульптора, на создание новой работы его вдохновило недавнее путешествие по Украине: "Я был в шоке от того, что увидел: разруха, нищета, упадок повсеместный. А с телевизора политики рассказывают нам, как все красиво и будет еще лучше. А Украина - не такая. Сейчас увидите, какая она".

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Источник: Газета Остров
Сайт скульптора Шматько: http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/

Vermilion Magazine May. 25th, 2010 @ 12:07 pm
Hi there,

I hope this is ok to post... but I'm in the process of creating a (free) online magazine for women (discussing menstrual topics and women's health issues), which will be available for download on June 1 from www.vermilionmagazine.com

The magazine is a collection of articles, art, recipes, stories, poetry and other things submitted by people for inclusion in the mag.... so I'm wanting to promote not only the mag to let you all read it when it's ready... but also doing a call out for content for future issues.

I'm conscious of not completely freaking people out who might not be as comfortable with graphic images of women's anatomy as some of us are :D but I'd love to have some "work safe" art or articles.... so if anyone has anything they would like to submit, please do so (there are some suggestions for content on the blog, and please feel free to suggest other things to include)

we also have a current poll on the blog (about "personal grooming"), the results will be published in this edition of the mag, so please put your vote in, the results are already quite interesting I think.
Other entries
» Art Project
Hi everyone! I love this community, and would like to encourage you all to particpate in the project I have started revolving around women's bodies (vaginas, of course included)
» Nicolai Shmatko has presented his new sculpture "Ukrainian Aurora" - Yulia Timoshenko
Nicolai Shmatko has presented his new sculpture "Ukrainian Aurora" and a new sculpture group "Christ's Appearance to the Apostles".

Nicolai Shmatko has presented his new sculpture "Ukrainian Aurora" and a new sculpture group "Christ's Appearance to the Apostles". It has taken 15 years for him to create the project with the Twelve Apostles.

In his sculptures Nicolai Shmatko decided to deviate from the Bible apostles known to us. "In this sculpture there are our contemporaries, people who live near us. Only Jesus Christ is an imaginary person as nobody can pretend to be like him. We can also see Peter, his favourite disciple, doubting Thomas and Judas. Among the known Bible persons I have embodied myself and my sons"- Nicolai Shmatko retells. 
look a photo   
http://www.kingofmarble-shmatko.com/engver/p1_project_en.html The preliminary cost of this sculpture is 1.5 mln. Euro.


The other sculpture of the Nicolai Shmatko "Ukrainian Aurora" has taken him half a year. He retells about it, "Aurora is a morning star which lights up the road of travelers and wayfarers. I decided to accent attention on this and tried to find a woman who can personify national pathos but I could not for a long time. And finally I found national Ukrainian colouring in Julia Timoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine".
look a photo   
  Nicolai Shmatko estimates this sculpture in 500 thousand Euro.

The sculptor noted that he is a non-party man and has not any political sympathies to Julia Timoshenko but her image helped him to create our contemporary Aurora.

» Some links

Recently Betty Dodson has reposted her vulva portraits form Sex for One. Now they have a lot better quality (enough to print YAY!). Link! There is also an A4 sheet with all the drawings - link.

I've found a website called Vulva Museum. It has eight pages of art! And there is also an interesting article about vulva/vagina worship during ancient times. You can find more info about Sheela-na-gig here
Ah, check out this entry in anthropology_ru!

» "Other Fish in the Sea"
I made this a while back after my boyfriend (Now ex) cheated on me with another girl...

It is full of anger and sarcasm and disgust...hopefully you enjoy it =D

» (No Subject)


new vagina love at stitchpixie.com
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