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Vagimon! Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 09:57 am
Finally finished my Pokemon card! been a work in progress for about 3 years.

Have prints for sale on etsy http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13911416

News Jul. 5th, 2008 @ 10:25 pm
This isn't art, but this is definitely important information that has to do with your vagina and mine:


"Anti-contraception action is on the rise. On June 7, anti-woman forces will stage a national protest against birth control and NOW will be there to counter their campaign of misinformation and lies. Here is what the American Life League and the the "Pill Kills" campaign is saying:
"Because the pill weakens the immune system, it can cause bacterial infections and can make a woman more susceptible to the AIDS virus."
"...the most popular form of birth control, the pill, can kill innocent preborn children. If there is a chance that human beings are going to be murdered, I am going to do everything in my power to help prevent that from happening."
"[T]he condom's biggest flaw is that those using it to prevent the conception of another human being are offending God." It continues, "furthermore, each and every act of marital intercourse must be both unitive and open to procreation. Any action, including condom use, which has as its purpose to render procreation impossible is intrinsically evil."

Visit The Pill Kills website to learn more about the lies.

The NOW National Action Center is calling on you to mobilize a local protest to tell the truth and protect birth control."

This is the website full of lies and deceit: http://www.thepillkills.com/

If you are from Colorado, this one effects you directly:


"Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure Petition Submitted in Colorado

Anti-abortion groups seeking to place a so-called "personhood initiative" on the November state ballot in Colorado submitted 131,245 signatures this week, well over the 76,000 signatures required to place the measure on the ballot. This "personhood initiative" declares that a fertilized egg is a "person" who enjoys "inalienable rights, equality of justice, and due process of the law." The measure would threaten not only abortion itself, but IUDs, emergency contraception, in vitro fertilization clinics, and stem cell research.

The Colorado Secretary of State has 30 days to validate the signatures, according to the Denver Post. Colorado voters rejected an anti-abortion initiative in 2000 that would have required a 24-hour waiting periods before a woman could obtain an abortion, and a ban on late-term abortions failed to gather signatures to qualify in 2006, reports the Associated Press.

Similar measures were recently pushed by anti-abortion groups in several states. The measures failed in Georgia and Oregon, but the petition drive is still underway in Mississippi and Montana, according to the Associated Press."



I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of the religious right trying to take away my control over my own damn body. I'm sick of hearing that you're a sinner if you use birth control, a condom or have an abortion. I'm sick and tired of the amount of control these people have in our country!!

Current Mood: infuriatedinfuriated

Equinox Egg Sale Mar. 10th, 2008 @ 10:42 pm
I am having a Sale of hand dyed eggs.   I use a Ukrainian wax resist method called Pysanky. 

Just a sample of chicken eggs.

And ostrich egg bowls.

Party In My Pants Feb. 11th, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

Hi Ladies!

My sister and I have a mini business and make cloth pads called Party In My Pants. We just updated our site and are very excited about the improvements! We'd be totally honored if you stopped by! www.partypantspads.com

Vag power. Feb. 10th, 2008 @ 11:51 am


Heck yeah!
Other entries
» "The blue haire girl".

pen on paper, acryl

» trembling

Pen on paper, photoshop
» Birth of the Three Graces
This acrylic painting on plexiglas is full of nudity....so it is behind a cut.
It measures 11" x 13", but the center circle is 8".  Comments are welcome.

» For those of you in the NYC area:
There is a show going on in NYC that I think people might be interested in seeing.

The HERE Arts Center in Lower Manhattan is inviting members of the community to attend a free dress rehearsal of the show “us” by dancer Alexandra Beller on Wednesday June 20th at 8:30.

HERE is also offering a $5 discount to all of the performances of the show. The show will run June 21-24 at 8:30p.m. & June 24 at 4p.m.

For the discount visit https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/5441 and type in the promotional code WEB5. If anyone is interested in coming for free please contact me.

If you like theatre you should come! If you are interested in women's rights you should come! If you are interested in any political issue...you should come!

Information about the show:

HERE Arts Center presents...
Created and Performed by Alexandra Beller
Directed by Kristin Marting

Passionate movement. Layered text. Collaged media soundscape.
Celebrated dancer Alexandra Beller confronts the addiction of patriotism.

us blends highly athletic, sensual and dynamic movement with song, text and a layered soundscape to create a deeply personal commentary on the state of the union. This hybrid work explores issues of humanity and morality and examines the relationship between a country and its citizens. A series of cinematically woven duets with inanimate objects suggests dialogue with those who might not otherwise have a voice. By employing literal and metaphorical devices, choreographer/performer Alexandra Beller takes “us” along on her quest to build a healthy relationship with her country.

"Alexandra Beller is built like a burlesque queen and moves like a goddess." -- DANCE MAGAZINE

Five performances only!
Thurs. - Sun., June 21-24 at 8:30p.m. & June 24 at 4p.m.
at HERE Arts Center - 145 6th Ave. NYC 10013 (between Spring & Broome, enter on Dominick)

Tickets: $20
» Call for submissions
I know it's know vaginal, but she is also calling for proposal submissions...so it could be.
CALL TO ARTISTS & exhibition details
Deadline: July 8, midnight

Mama’s Milk: The Art of Breastfeeding July 18-Aug 12, uzoMa gallery
Breast Fest: August 1-10th (world breastfeeding month, & week 1-7)
KFW grant, partnering with Squallis Puppeteers for week long special
events & a performance...

I envision possibility for more than one "mini-exhibit" :
IDEAS: (I like creativity! If you have a proposal or idea I haven't
thought of...I'm interested...any media, 2-D, 3-D, performance, film etc.

1)embellished bras or bustiers -- sky is the limit on this…get

2)actual art of any media exploring art of breastfeeding (more abstract
explorations or focus on a multicultural view of breasts as nurturing
infants vs. only sexualized image) or the experience of breastfeeding or
being breastfed. Nonstereotypic images of moms of babies…nursing in
public, with older toddlers, tandem…etc. Images of animals nursing
babes…full range of experiences & perspectives are welcome…any men
brave enough to share your comfort or discomfort with the
subject…experiences with public nursing? The intent of the exhibit is to promote
breastfeeding-friendly culture, however, open dialogue is encouraged…&
all artists, not just those who are mothers or chose to breast-feed are
encouraged to participate & explore the theme. “Dolls” or nursing
“puppets” are also encouraged… Performance pieces require
written proposal. Breastfeeding stories, poetry, & literary works are also
encouraged. Any art that depicts breasts in a less stereotypical way,
or emphasizes the nurturing aspects or a multicultural perspective of
breasts will be considered including landscapes (fiber, paint, photo,
etc.) that depict breast-like formations (think "mounds" or
mountains...real places or imagined)... photos or other media capturing breast-like
abstractions (think two scoops of icecream with cherries on top...)
open to all media including, sculpture, ie. plaster busts, or assemblage,
"scrumbled" breast sculptures…etc.

Project Goals—
1.normalize public breastfeeding, & help movement toward breastfeeding-
friendly culture(would like to provide some healthy "exposure" through
photos & art images of breastfeeding & breast imagery
2.support moms & babies (raise money for mother/child programming)
3.mobilize energy around lactivism…generate awareness of
breastfeeding public symbol through stickers, t-shirts. etc…generate art
“props” available for public displays if needed by local
organizations…(visual attention-getters)…high press/photo ops…
4.generate dialogue, connect with local, national, global
efforts—help promote local & global messages (ie breastfeeding during first hour
can save 1 million babies…)other public education/services & support.

Please feel free to let me know if you need more info or have
questions. And
pass on to other interested parties or organizations.
Angela Ramsey Robinson, MA, ATR
founder, uzomMa
1813 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40207
gallery: 502.895.9805

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