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Hi there,

I hope this is ok to post... but I'm in the process of creating a (free) online magazine for women (discussing menstrual topics and women's health issues), which will be available for download on June 1 from www.vermilionmagazine.com

The magazine is a collection of articles, art, recipes, stories, poetry and other things submitted by people for inclusion in the mag.... so I'm wanting to promote not only the mag to let you all read it when it's ready... but also doing a call out for content for future issues.

I'm conscious of not completely freaking people out who might not be as comfortable with graphic images of women's anatomy as some of us are :D but I'd love to have some "work safe" art or articles.... so if anyone has anything they would like to submit, please do so (there are some suggestions for content on the blog, and please feel free to suggest other things to include)

we also have a current poll on the blog (about "personal grooming"), the results will be published in this edition of the mag, so please put your vote in, the results are already quite interesting I think.
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